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Look After All Aspects of Your Site

We are sure you would love to see everything clear and uncomplicated in your business. This is exactly what we are here to do. Our valuable insights into your digital marketing campaigns will help you get a clear picture of your business. We do this through our website analytics services.

Your performance will be evaluated based on the analytics. A detailed picture of the traffic on your website will also be painted using the SEO. We will help you monitor your website regardless of whether you use Google Analytics, or any other tool.

Get To Know Your Customers

Just like any other business, you too would be eager to know the number of people who have visited your website, how they reached the website, and what items did they purchase. We help you with this curiosity using the tool of website analytics.

In order to succeed in your business, it is essential that you know your customers very well. You should have a clear idea about their behaviors and the demographics. You also need to know the technologies which have directed them towards your website, and the pages which have led to the highest number of views and conversions.

Analytics will not affect other parts of your website. In fact, analytics can either run alone or can run simultaneously with other campaigns such as SEO and PPC. Whatever the circumstances are, analytics will never fail to amaze you.

Magic Mayo’s Help

Whether you believe it or not, a lot of data is hidden behind the amazing pictures of your website. We will examine the following parts of your website, but will also look at all the extra parts which need attention.

We will create custom reports and then will conduct the following jobs:

  • Traffic monitoring
  • Monitoring conversions and goals
  • Troubleshooting the website
  • Locating the areas which need improvement
  • Finding out the right keywords for the site
  • Analyzing sources of referrals
  • Performing in-depth analysis of multi-touch attribution

Our experts ensure that you receive all that you need to know through a number of different tools. Some of the tools include in-house developed reporting tools and popular analytical products. These tools help us deliver the best quality insight services, helping you know the areas which need improvement and optimization. We assure you that the service will work for your visitors.

Train Your Team and Make Them More Efficient

If you choose to work with us, we will mould your website in such a manner that it will give you highest returns and benefits. This can easily be achieved by providing analytics training to some of your team members who can Analyze Real Data and then make effective decisions out of it. We can help you make smart decisions about your website, regardless of your previous knowledge about analytics and its advantages.
We offer an overview of Google Analytics to you and your team. From identification of relevant data to a tailored Google Analytics training, we help your team work efficiently with all sorts of data so that they can dig out all the important details.
We will teach you the right mix of skills which will help you see the aspects which contribute the most in making money.

There Is More to the Story

Analytics is the main job that we love to do at Magic Mayo. Since we love this job, our experienced web analysts can work for a wide range of companies and campaigns.

This is not all. The insights that we will provide will be compiled into a clear and understandable language, along with some easy recommendations which can help you flourish your business.

Believe us when we say the report will not leave you confused. The recommendations and data contained in the report will be simple and straight forward, with everything being explained clearly to you.
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